You’ll get to see John Jo in action at the fair as he will also be creating a video for the fair. Here is a bit about him.

Flashworks Media offers professional High Definition video services to a wide range of clients. Covering everything from Weddings to action sport events. We also offer promotional marketing through strategic storytelling as well as VNRs. We have recently started offering “love Story” films. Where we interview the bride and groom to be on how they met, the engagement or similar and then film the wedding with the interviews weaved into the film. This allows us to tell the story of the relationship as well as the story of the day. The aim for us is that this film will be played at anniversaries for years to come.

What do you love best about what you do?

No 2 projects are the same. This is especially true for weddings! The basic idea is the same but the people getting married always make each one unique. They have different tastes, styles and priorities. Which means each video is as unique as the couples.

Whats your favourite thing to do on your day off? 

Film personal projects, snowboard in the winter, RELAX!


Jamie and Kirsten



Dan and Alicia



Tell us something about you?

I recently ordered a new bit of camera gear, this led to me checking the tracking number once every 20mins (or sooner). I was like a kid the night before Christmas, for 3 days. It was worth it!

Whats do you think is new and upcoming in weddings?

Cinematic wedding films. :-) More and more videos are being used by individuals and business, video is becoming a bigger and bigger part of our everyday lives. With modern technology, lightweight film gear, a high level of production is now much more accessible. This means couples can have their wedding day filmed with the same gear used on film sets with out the large price tag. The fact that we can use lightweight cameras & gear means that we can be unobtrusive, discrete, quick and still get a look and feel of a feature film. I think the image of the old school wedding videos turned a lot of people off awhile back, but we people are now clicking on to what can be done with a modern approach. Having a cinematographer will soon be as expected as having a photographer, and in some cases even instead of. That might be along way off, but it will happen.


Kristi and Mick






The New gear I was waiting for test shots:



What can guests expect from you at the fair (that maybe they wouldn’t otherwise see)? 

Shhhh! its a secret! – But I will be out and about filming so they may expect to see me in action, filming the event as well as talking / filming with vendors and guests. They could also be interviewed if they were keen!