I keep seeing these guys all over Social Media, You’ll get to meet the lovely Jenny at the fair.

At studio 24 I am one of those lucky ones that get paid to do what I love. I went going from picking flowers as a child to working retail for 7 years and have now specialised in weddings for the past 10.  Every couple is unique so each arrangement I create is made to reflect this, whether it be a rural rustic style wedding or something glitzy and glamorous my experience enables this vision to come to life.

What do you love best about what you do?

I would have to say it is a toss up between the people and the flowers, I love getting to meet so many different people from all over the world, so getting to know their personalities so that the arrangements I do can capture who they are is all part of the fun.

But I never get sick of opening the boxes of flowers once they arrive from market, it’s like Christmas every time, I am sure my daughter thinks I am a little crazy when I get excited about a bunch of roses that I have seen hundreds of times! Flowers to me = joy!

Whats your favourite thing to do on your day off? 

Well today it is the fireplace and a good book, but if it is the height of summer it is lakeside, boat, wakeboarding and good friends, hoping to get some use of my new mountain bike soon too, great for exploring our amazing area here in Central Otago.

Tell us something about you? 

I am a mother to an amazing 12 nearly 13 year old daughter, I have an awesome partner who is my labour when it comes to installing larger props at weddings, (I think I am pretty lucky!) and I get to live in one of the most amazing places in New Zealand if not the World! I don’t think I will ever work in retail floristry again, I love being able to focus on weddings and do the best job I can with out the distraction of the day to day running of a shop.

Whats do you think is new and upcoming in weddings?  

My thoughts are that the rustic and vintage styling will still be here for a while but we will be seeing more of the classic and elegant look coming through, personal touches are becoming more prevalent, so rather than just a themed wedding there is decor and items that really reflect the couple getting married. I also have a few weddings booked where bright bold colours are making and impact.

What can guests expect from you at the fair (that maybe they wouldn’t otherwise see)? 

From me they will see a variety of work, I will be having lots of fresh flowers so they can really visualise what I can create for their special day. I love so many different styles (don’t know how I would choose if I was to get married!) so I will be mixing it up to ensure there is something for everyone’s tastes.