The Rippon Hall is vineyard venue located in the most spectacular spot- we’re lucky enough to overlook Rippon vineyard, Lake Wanaka, and the Southern Alps. The Hall is made from rammed earth dug from our hillside, and timber from our wood, so it a very special feel.

We’re a blank canvas venue, so each couple personally chooses all their details- furniture, catering, styling- everything is unique to them. We can host any size: from just the bride and groom up to 200 guests. The combination of flexible spaces coupled with no preferred suppliers gives each couple complete control & flexibility in creating their dream wedding. Oh, and the Rippon wine- it’s amazing!

What do you love best about what you do?

There are heaps of different aspects to my job and they’re all brilliant in their own way- from liaising with couples, to the wine side of the business, planning with suppliers, to taking care of the building.

My favourite bit has to be when I’m meeting a couple for the first time and I take them through to The Hall- that moment when they understand the potential for The Hall to fulfil all the wedding dreams they ever had and a light goes on behind their eyes- it’s pretty special.

What’s your favourite thing to do on your day off? 

Skiing is the only thing to do on my day off- there’s no choice involved! Or if it’s summer, I’m riding bikes.

Tell us something about you?

I’m originally from the UK, and fell in love with Wanaka whilst supposedly only away for a year… it’s been a lot more than that now. I’m a baking geek and I love a good yoga pose.

What do you think is new and upcoming in weddings?

I think there’s a bigger lean towards unconventional ways of doing things- leaning away from the traditional set order for the day. Cake first anyone? Also a focus on really entertaining the guests whilst the couple nip away for photographs, and a more informal, sharing style of catering.

 What can guests expect from you at the fair (that maybe they wouldn’t otherwise see)? 

A lot of my couples are based overseas- so to start with, they can meet me! Couples can also hear all about how The Rippon Hall came to be and the family story (with the odd juicy detail) and can see lots of images of how other couple have used The Hall’s spaces & styled in the past- for inspiration.