You will find out Beachside Romance Zone at the back of Cossars Wine Shed so make sure you head out there and check it out. It will be in a Kiwi Tipi so you can’t miss it.

We had a little chat with the vendors in this zone about what they do:

A little touch of beauty is our stylist and planner.

I absolutely love seeing the expressions on clients faces when they see their ideas take shape, especially when they see an item we have for hire which completes the picture.

At the fair  you will find Fresh and creative ideas that inspire your imagination, hire items that are different and one off pieces. In the Beach Romance zone so we aim to use fresh natural ambiance to take you there, using multiply textures of fabric and different materials.

Miss Lilly’s will be providing coffee, yes I said coffee! so bring your coins along on the day. You can also see her cute little truck and taste some sweet goodies and have a chat with her about what she can do for your day.

Nectar is our florist in this area here is a little about her:

I have been a wedding florist for ten years, My studio is In Tai Tapu, I have been operating there for a year and a half. I use locally grown product where possible. This ensures freshness and the best quality and I like to be as Eco -chic as possible.  Nectar received a gold award for my sustainable business practices from the Lincoln Environtown trust in 2013. Nectar has been awarded  the following at the Ellerslie International Flower Show Bronze 2012, Gold 2013, Silver 2014.

She says “I’ve never done a Winter wedding and would love to”. I’m pretty sure one of our visitors on the day will make this happen.

At the fair you will see a variety of floral arrangements some with splashes of vibrant tropical colours and then the popular romantic pastels incorporating natural beach tones in the beachside romance section. Some will be elaborate and some simple, with a use of natural sea glass and shells. Ill be using lots of orchids in all colours,and textures that you would find in the sand dunes. I’ll be constructing a Driftwood Chandelier that will be draped with flowers and shells to hang from the apex of the tipi.


Andy Brown is our photographer, we asked him a few questions:

I’m Andy and I’m a Christchurch wedding photographer. I love working with couples to craft a distinctive series of images that will be valuable, timeless — a real documentation of their day. Couples, I want you to look back through your photos in 50 years time and remember exactly how it was, as told via your own individual story.

Whats do you think is new and upcoming in weddings? I think weddings are becoming more and more personalised now. The traditional weddings will always stay but I’m seeing an increase in couples that are reformatting the schedule of the day so they can enjoy time with their guests and relax more. It is about them after all.

What can guests expect from you at the fair ? There will be prints, albums, and lots of info to take away at the least. Meeting with the rest of the Beach Romance team was quite exciting as this is not your traditional wedding show, it’s more of a collaboration of great vendors really showing off what can REALLY happen at your wedding.

He also picked up 3 bronze awards at the iris awards that have just been happening. You can view more here:

Beautiful Gowns can also be found in this zone by designer Louise Anderson, come along and meet her.

Don’t you love the back of this gown?

And all of this in a Kiwi Tipi, here’s what they had to say:

What do you love best about what you do?

What I love best about doing the tipis is well there’s a few things… when you tell meet new potential clients and introduce them to the tipis, you can literally see the excitement in their eyes as they register that they could have tipis instead of a boring old marquee for their event. Being able to play such big part in making our clients special event memorable would be high on the list, the feeling I get when I’m heading off to a job that is more like I’m going on a camping trip than heading to work, and my brain is always buzzing with new ideas of things I can build to add to our tipi product selection.

What’s do you think is new and upcoming in weddings?

Well tipis of course! I’d love to see tipis take off here as they have in the UK and Australia. It’s really exciting how so many different people can start with the same canvas (literally) and create such unique and special events. No wedding is every the same it is a true reflection of the couple. Since the DIY culture is so big with Kiwis I think Kim Chan’s new ‘wedding in a box’ will be a big hit too. I also would like to see more people celebrate with a two day wedding event!

What can guests expect from you at the fair (that maybe they wouldn’t otherwise see)?

The beach romance is going to be the zone to check out. Not only will the two tipis be up and amazing decorated by the other talented vendors in our zone but our whole product range will be out on display, so you’ll really be able to get the full experience of a tipi extravaganza! Plus the fire will be going and I hear we’ll be giving out appropriately shaped cookies